Friday, April 24, 2009

Buy a pizza help Alisha!!!

We had such a great time and it was so wonderful to be surrounded by friends and family and so many warm hearted people that we had never even met yet. We are so grateful to everyone!!!
I just love everybody!!
We had a great fundraiser for Alisha at Straw Hat THANK YOU SKIP!! Skip is the owner of the Straw Hat and he donated 50% of every pizza order if the person said "Alisha" when they ordered!!! We have to wait until this afternoon to know how awesome it was!!! I know that It was awesome!!!!
Jeff has been taking such great care of us!!! finding all kinds of things and putting together such great publicity for Alisha and such great research for every thing that we could ever possibly need while we are in New Jersey!!! I LOVE YOU JEFF!!!! I know that you would go and take care of us there if you could.
As of yesterday Jeff found Free airline tickets for Alisha & I (Special needs kids program) almost even better then that it's a NONSTOP FLIGHT (Thank you baby!!) round trip. Yea!!!! With two kids two suitcases at least one carry on and a car seat..... I don't think that I can thank him enough!!! He is still working with the special needs program to make sure that we can buy a ticket for Mataya on the same flight... We have been really busy! So much so that I'm not sure why that is a detail that still needs to be ironed out.. I know that he told me but my tired brain doesn't take everything in...
I want to put in a special thanks to Andrea!!! Thanks for standing outside being dorky with me so I didn't feel homeless with the signs all by myself!! Thanks to all are friends who made sure that they ordered pizza last night and to the families who bought extra to freeze. To all of Jeff's coworkers... Thank you so much!!!!
Thanks again everybody!!!

Thursday, March 26, 2009

This actually happened in December '08 We bought tons of new games before and during Christmas time is was so fun!! We haven't bought any new games in a long time. We just kept playing them until we had played them all and that took a very long time. Then we played our favorites again!!!! It was awesome!!!! Jeff also got me a new camera for my birthday. It takes great outside pictures but inside are still really tricky but we took lots of pictures playing games too!!!!! This came is called "Ticket To Ride" we really like to play it and we thank Erin & Chad for introducing it to us and our friends and family for always being ready to play games!!!

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Oh my heck it's really happening!!

We have been going through the steps of getting Alisha to this awesome feeding clinic in NJ for a very long time. We had to fax or original application again because they lost it and that is why we weren't getting a call. Pam (clinic coordinator) remembered me from other calls before and she was able to find Alisha's DVD so we didn't have to start over with that.. THAT was HUGE!!!!! Anyway, I called her today to tell her that we faxed Alisha's app the day before and wanted make sure that they got it. Pam said that they got it and that they had already had a meeting about Alisha and that she was checking on our insurance and that she would call me in a couple of hours and that Jeff and I should be going over the calendar and see when we would like to come. .............
We will be there in clinic June 22nd to July 24th. I'm sooo excited!!! Pam says that she thinks that they can get Alisha eating in four weeks but we are scheduling another week just in case!!! Nine weeks from now we will be in Jersey!!! CRAZY!!!!!! I just looked and it Normally rains four inches during that time of year but it is almost ten degrees cooler then Sacramento.. :D Jeff started to get on the Internet and asked me where I wanted to stay. I was able to tell him the exact address of the holiday inn in Parsippany off the top of my head... Then I asked if that made him feel any better. He said a little... I think he is going to fly out with us for a day or two. Tell ya what!!! I'm gonna want him to have some days off when I get back!!! ;) He's going to upgrade my phone coverage to include GPS for that month. That ought to help!!! :D

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

No laughing even when the cows come home...

Sorry it's been so long maybe I will get some of the other stuff filled in later. At least it's a good thought!! As for now I'm recovering very well from my Gall Bladder removal and I have been doing great at home!! I haven't laughed hard since Friday when I went in for surgery. If you know me at all you should be impressed!! Which leads me to tell you about last night. My Dad went grocery shopping and bought four gallons of milk, 10 lb. bag of potatoes 13lbs of chicken. sounds fine if your used to big club family shopping. Later that night I was reading on the couch and Jeff came home with 3 gallons of milk, 17 1/2 lbs of chicken, 10 lbs of potatoes along with some yogurt, grapes, etc. It was so funny to see my Dad's face when Jeff walked in the door with groceries. I was doing some Lamaze breathing!! I was also "Mooo ing" and then some more Lamaze breathing so that I could tease them without hurting myself!!! (very important!!) Lamaze is awesome!! I even managed some "Ei ei oh.." (blow blow blow DON'T SMILE!! blow) :D Dad suggested that we could try freezing some of the milk. I suggested that we could make some MILK shakes. Dad said "I can't have any I drank a whole bottle of OJ to make the milk that I bought fit on the shelf!" Lamaze was just enough to save me!!!!! :D

Monday, November 17, 2008

Knitting with the kids..

The kids did really well for a first try!! More importantly they are still excited about it!! Yea!!! Skyler had a home ec teacher try to teach his class how to knit off and on for half a year so at least this time it was something he heard before. We did a different hand possition then he was taught the first time. The way we were doing it looks harder but it worked better for him. They asked me a few times the next day to help them some more but I was feeling too sick to work on it. I'm very glad that they really seem to be into it. I gave them each a golfballish size of light green yarn and they need to practice with that until they can use all of it to make a scarf and then I have some fun yarn for them. Skyler has some burgandy and gold yarn to make a Harry Potter 1st and 2nd year scarf. Mataya Has some muliti colored hot pink, yellow and orange with some solid hot pink yarn too. She has her eye on quite a few little things and a scarf. I love that they are excited and will be able to make some of their own things. I have quite a few books with tons of ideas and patterns and a DVD from the library with a few more on the way. I told the kids that every one of the people who wrote the books has different ideas and they have different ways of learning that worked for them so we will find one that matches the way that they learn. I have to say that I'm a big fan of the DVD!!!! We can back it up as many times as we need and it doesn't take anyone elses time and she is just as happy to explain it every time we watch!! ; )

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Prop 8

I'm very glad that it passed!!! I am kinda bothered by something that happened today though.. I have a friend who has a sister that is a lesbian. I was just at my friends daughter's birthday party last weekend. We had fun and laughed quite a bit because my friends sister is also really funny and fun to be around. There was a no on prop 8 ad on TV while some of the dads at the party were watching a football game and she cheered. I didn't say anything. I didn't figure a birthday party was the place but also I very seriously doubt that she would change her mind. So after the ad was over we go on laughing about other things and having fun. Today after taking the kids to school I was on my way to a craft store to make some posters for enrichment night. I was in a way happy mood because my morning was going so well. Anyway, at a light my friends sister pulled up right next to me. I unroll my window with a huge smile and say "Hi" all loud and wave to her. She just looks at me and says What's up?? I'm still way huge smiling and happy to see her... Then she looks at me with this "I can't believe this!!" look on her face and says "Nice bumper sticker!!" Then turns to face the traffic light and wont even look at me. I couldn't believe it! What we are only friends if we agree?? Clearly I married Jeff...I have met her partner... Where is the surprise?? I was more then nice with her and let her have her moment when she was cheering.. I just felt like who is hating who?!?!?!? I'm pretty sure that she voted for Obama but I'm not taking that personally either. I'm hoping that she is just upset about the results this morning.. She can have this moment too... Hopefully we will be laughing at the next birthday party.

Yummy Breakfast.

This actually happened November 3rd.....
Mataya said "You know what makes breakfast so yummy?... Grits and you and me together." I just loved it and need to provide more times for things like that to happen. it was wonderful for some reason it was just Mataya and I together. I guess Alisha doesn't eat much and I think Skyler was in the shower. Mataya and I love our time together. (Grits are a corn based version of Cream Of Wheat and is quite yummy with brown sugar and Silk Milk.)