Friday, April 24, 2009

Buy a pizza help Alisha!!!

We had such a great time and it was so wonderful to be surrounded by friends and family and so many warm hearted people that we had never even met yet. We are so grateful to everyone!!!
I just love everybody!!
We had a great fundraiser for Alisha at Straw Hat THANK YOU SKIP!! Skip is the owner of the Straw Hat and he donated 50% of every pizza order if the person said "Alisha" when they ordered!!! We have to wait until this afternoon to know how awesome it was!!! I know that It was awesome!!!!
Jeff has been taking such great care of us!!! finding all kinds of things and putting together such great publicity for Alisha and such great research for every thing that we could ever possibly need while we are in New Jersey!!! I LOVE YOU JEFF!!!! I know that you would go and take care of us there if you could.
As of yesterday Jeff found Free airline tickets for Alisha & I (Special needs kids program) almost even better then that it's a NONSTOP FLIGHT (Thank you baby!!) round trip. Yea!!!! With two kids two suitcases at least one carry on and a car seat..... I don't think that I can thank him enough!!! He is still working with the special needs program to make sure that we can buy a ticket for Mataya on the same flight... We have been really busy! So much so that I'm not sure why that is a detail that still needs to be ironed out.. I know that he told me but my tired brain doesn't take everything in...
I want to put in a special thanks to Andrea!!! Thanks for standing outside being dorky with me so I didn't feel homeless with the signs all by myself!! Thanks to all are friends who made sure that they ordered pizza last night and to the families who bought extra to freeze. To all of Jeff's coworkers... Thank you so much!!!!
Thanks again everybody!!!

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